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Westbury vs. Austin 1962

Seldom have I over the past half century engaged in conversations with Westbury alumni where they did not ask what happened at the end of the very dramatic football game between our school and Stephen F. Austin (of Houston, Texas). And most of the time those people were unaware that I was involved at the center of that ending. I also believed the game meant more at the time to us as a new student body than just a sporting event. Hence, I've archived a description of that ending along with what I believed were some of its meanings to our class in a short story. You may find this description in the Pretty True Texas Stories Series at:

Introduction (updated August 04, 2010)

Welcome to an independent community privately established for Westbury High School's first four classes (and beginning with its Hurricane Carla delayed opening in September, 1961): 1962, 1963, 1964, and 1965. These groups have coalesced through the years holding simultaneous reunions. Hence, their formation into this interactive - community site. There is no charge to join. Nor is advertising accepted. The site is operated as a hobby by Jesse (Skip or Skippy) Collins, class of 1964.  No direct or indirect pecuniary  interests are met here by anyone. The program is intended as a gift to those constituents of Westbury High School who graduated or participated in their capacities as students, teachers, counselors, employees or  volunteers and those persons' guests (which may include family members or friends) between the years of its opening and the graduation of the class of 1965. Following special requests, a graduate from another class year may be included with a guest membership.

To see all the options available to you as a Westbury High School class member from September, 1961, through December, 1965 (some of you had to stay over accidentally to 1966 - sorry), register by following the link in the upper right corner login window (or follow the steps placed just below) and tour the whole program. That registration will lengthen the navigational menu  with viewing and editing options to the left. However, you can still get the idea of the  program without logging in by selecting the options currently shown.

Before getting into the guidelines for signing up, let me emphasize that if you did not formally graduate, or if you were a teacher or other employee, or if you were just there for a little while and transferred out to another world, your name may not be in the database. If that is the case, all you have to do is write administration and we will with pleasure add you in.


This site currently serves three purposes. They are to:

  1. Facilitate private contact and communications between the site's members.
  2. Provide a place for publishing literary or web art produced by this membership.*
  3. Provide information pertaining to the membership's interests as related to the culture of our youth as experienced at Westbury High School between its opening in 1961 and the graduation of the class of 1965.

 * Requires editorial approval by the site administrator.

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1965 Citadel photo of a flag raising ceremony in front and  the1966 aerial view of Westbury High School was contributed by Nancy Siragusa.




Tradition: Music As Respect for Competitors

In accordance with Texas high school football tradition from our era, the early 1960s, we invited our competitor for the evening to play its school anthem in front of our students, and no matter, or particularly due to, the more intense levels of competition we all endured. So in keeping with that honorable spirit of openness, fairness, and even showing some respect for the opposition, I do the same here playing some of the West's — as Westbury Rebels ascended into adulthood and faced a combative world — and emphasizing America's and our school competitors' anthems alongside ours. In all music searches, however, although I did acquire the Soviet National Anthem, the Germans' "Panzerlied," and the Spaniards' "Deguello" (played by Mexico at the Battle of the Alamo), I was neither able to find songs for the Viet Cong, North Vietnamese, North Korean, and Chinese People's Volunteer Armies, Hezbollah-Hamas-Taliban  — the more recent constituents comprising Al Qaeda-ISIS-Boko Haram — nor the Bellaire Cardinals.


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